‘does not suggest that death within 6 months is likely to occur’

This project is an on going photo-documentary following my father Lee Carroll as he prepares for a possibile return to work after 16 years due to The Welfare Reform Bill 2010 – 2012 . My Father suffered a Sub-Arachnoid Haemorrhage (brain haemorrhage) on 27th July 1996 age 37. He has been declared unfit for work and has received incapacity benefit ever since due to the condition and disabilities he has been left with.

I have started this blog to act as an online platform for the evoloution of this project. The aim is to make all developments and sketches of this project accesibile to the audience so everything becomes available instead of just witnessing the final product. Hopefully this will then encourage people to get involved and participate with the project. Somewhere where they can ask questions, make suggestions or even criticisms. This will then hopefully pull in interest from people who are in similar situations like my Father, and it can become an open platform where they can also share their experiences and stories.

This is also an attempt into getting my Father more active in this project, maybe even to the point where he can dictate my Photography. I want to change the dynamic of always taking Photographs of him and the idea that i’m always taking something away. I want it to become more empowering to him as a subject and i want him to feel as if this project is as much his expression as it is mine. I am going to get him to use this blog as a space for his thoughts, ideas and reflections and somewhere where we can both use this to further investigate The Welfare Reform Bill and life after a Brain haemorrhage.

So please comment, ask questions and submit your own stories and thoughts.

Sean Carroll



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